Every year we rescue many animals from good and bad situations. although some may need to stay and be cared for other are wonderful pets that just needed to find another home. Our goal here at G&G Animals is to help Educate but also be a resource to help people who need help. One of the ways we can do that is to help teach you about what you need to care for a pet.

Here is how it works,

If you are looking for a new pet we have many that you can choose from. To start off we will give you everything that you need. After learning about the pet and getting trained to care for them you will be allow to take them home with you for a week. At the end of a week you will bring them back to us and we will do a physical and check to see if you have any questions. Here is the part that makes the difference. if you notice that this was going to be to much work our child is not showing interest then you can end it right there and then at no expense to you, just bring back the stuff we gave you.

Call or Email us to find out more information’s.

Royal Python

Bearded Dragon

African Side-neck Turtles

Sulcate Tortoise