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Over the last 10 years Grace and Glory Animals has been happy to be able to offer fun and educational shows to our community whether it has been a school program, birthday party or a fair. Although it has always been our joy to do these programs, it also helps us fund their care and our Rehab efforts with our local wildlife. Our budget is for our animals is about $10,000, and this does not include Staffing. That being said, we are trying to find ways to continue to offer the best care we can.

Although we are still doing programs, the amount that we are doing is not enough to support the animal well. As we try and figure out how to continue to help the animals we are sill offering Guided Tours. The suggested cost is $5 per person. This 1 hour long tour will be with one of our staff members, that will be able to answer all questions along the way and we need 3 hours in advanced in order to adequately do the tour to make sure the staff member is available.