Types of shows (but not limited to)

Danny with Wally
  • Birthday parties
  • Scouts
  • School events
  • Camps events
  • Fairs
  • AND so many more

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Some of the shows we offer:

Zoo staff at school event
  • Life of a Wildlife Rehabilitator
  • What Animals Make Good Pets
  • Mammals VS Reptiles
  • Likes and Differences

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All of our shows involve the opportunity, while being watch by one of our Instructors, to pet, touch, and interact with some of our friendly rescue animals! (note not all animals can be touch for safety reason due to risk of Salmonella/Or because the state has said we can’t let the public touch). These shows give us a chance to educate the public about wildlife in an interactive and exciting way. These programs are great for everyone and are guaranteed to be a fun-filled experience for all!

Please share this photo with your guest so they know where to park when they get here.

Programs off site

For the safety of our staff and animals, G&G Animals needs to have a 6′ X 12′ minimal just for us that we can keep our animals in that will be away from the public. we prefer to have an end of a room not to be in the middle as we don’t want people behind us. Depending on what animals we are brining, we might also have to be inside if the temperature is not safe. If the weather is colder then 60 or warmer then 85 please talk to our wonderful staff.

During the winter! we will always do our best to make sure we don’t let anyone down but during the months when the weather is unpredictable, there might be times we have to cancel because although it is not bad where you are, It might be bad where we are. Safety for the animals, Staff and those on the road, we might not be able to make it if the roads are bad. Please talk to us about this if you have any concerns or questions about it.