Danny – Director Of G&G Animals.

Many people are know Danny for his fun out going humor. He has always loved animals and has been working with them since the his first job back in in 2003. Danny

Jordyn – Director Of Animal Care, Director of Enrichment

Jordan started working at G&G Animals as an intern. She then committed to our apprenticeship program where she did over a 1000 hours of work. She graduated from SUNY Oswego with a zoology degree. Between working he and working at another zoological facility, there is no question to her commitment with the animals. She is in charge of helping with animal programs and creating a enrichment program.

Abby – Apprentice

Abby has been interning since graduating from high school. She is going to school at SUNY Oswego for Zoology right now. When Abby is not at school or the pet store getting things, Abby is here taking care of our Animals.

Each semester we run internships and we rely very heavy on them as they are a huge part of our staff. If you are interested in doing an Internship please contact